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POETRY by Dionisios

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In quiet contemplation and over nocturnal whispers
Through streams of thought and dreams which flicker
With changing moods, alas in deepest of repose
I need your touch, your very gentle touch.


I love you my sweet love ------------- hold me close
My God, your eyes ------------- how they look at me
----------------------- I see your very soul ---------------
Hold me closer ------------------------- don't let me go
--------------- Lord, how I've missed you ---------------
It's been so long since I've said you're mine --------
You're so beautifully soft -------------- kiss me again
-------- Don't stop, don't ever stop kissing me -------
I love you so -------------------------- It's been so long
-------------------- Lie down with me ---------------------


Perfumed lady you send me in deepest dreams
From the first, the very first that I beheld
Of a flower so young and one whose gentle form
Was covered in a quilt of wool to which I must confess
I pressed close, so close, as a youth upon a cloud
And as I rose amongst the twinkling of the stars
My heart would fill, my soul to excite, my love for you
Oh perfumed lady as I grow old that gentle love do I behold


There it comes again, that feeling, stark naked and oh so true
The trap of life whose darkness overwhelms the spirit
And as I speed pell-mell into this pit of despair
I reach for brakes to stem the slide, and with tortured pain
I realize, it's for want of you
Crushing are the desperate moods that portray
My sometimes emptiness where spirit hangs in Limbo
Staked and suspended in black ethereal infinite space
Struggling to be free and yet attached to all
My God, what a feeling this burning desire just for you
As time engulfs my mind and naught but soliloquy is left

(circa 1966/67)

Perchance you look and stare with wondrous eyes
And with fleeting thoughts a dreamers dream
That calm and peace which all the world denies
And yet so close to all; oh how it would seem
To lie you down, and rest, underneath the olive tree
You strut amongst the girders of your creation
And sprint between the castles of emptiness
To seek and seek and seek for what you seek
With hopes and prayers and without duress
Whilst you wish to lie you down, underneath the olive tree


My thoughts of you in sequence stream as an endless dream
From those moments of conceptual bliss with the one I love
Through these years that have flown much like an eagle's flight
Three gifts of God that would make all eyes agleam
For you three are my love, my honor, and my pride

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