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POETRY by Dionisios

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(circa 1966)

Words abound in mouthing peaceful yearns
In steeples of the world with all their ringing bells
Minds of men and hearts of women, and cries of babe
Pressed in earnest quest against the devil's best
Whilst my young sons bleed, bleed, bleed.

Cities climb in many varied geometric spires
And men like busy ants conspire to their wants
Racing in varied chariots as Apollo in the past
From nests of stone between twilights of the sun
Whilst my young sons bleed, bleed, bleed

From hallowed halls of mind and thought debauching words are heard
Where spineless males who would betray that which all men yearn
Prolific walks which do insult and thus pervert the conscience of us all
And endless talks made of despair and of no purpose
Whilst my young sons bleed, bleed, bleed

I stretch my hand, I bend my mind, I yield my soul
In earnest quest for that which all men deem best
In silence and in contempt do mine enemies breathe
And so, as in the past, my sword do I unsheathe
Lest all my sons bleed, bleed, bleed


Hey!------------Anybody There?-----------Anyone around?
Hell its cold.--------------I'm catching a chill--------------------
------Yeah man me too, it's dammed cold-----------
Who are you buddy? It's been a helluva long, long struggle
-----------------Yeah man tough, real tough----------------
I've been thinking who am I? And you? Who are you?
------------------------Yeah man, me too----------------------
I think I know now. What about you? Do you know now?
------------------------Yeah man, I know------------------------
Who are you buddy? It's a long way from home you know
------------------------Yeah man, I know------------------------
It's nice to have a friend along, it's a helluva long journey
---------------------Yeah man, I'm with you---------------------

Hey Captain where the hell do you want to send the belongings
Does it matter Sarge? Does it matter? It doesn't matter
Black or White, White or Black, It doesn't matter.

(circa 1966/67)

Look from above and gaze below and see
Bleeding bodies and bony wide-eyed children
Smoldering homes and racked filled souls
Desolate orchards and decaying rot and trash
For Madness and Madmen rule the world

Look close, look close and view the mob
Screams for death and screams for more
Their hearts filled with only decaying thoughts
The child is gone, the man is gone and is no more
While Madness and Madmen rule the world

Revenge is sweet and hate pervades all the world
And those who watch in awe do not perceive their fall.
They wait as the storm of vile engulfs their souls
And look askance to hide from their bell that tolls
As Madness and Madmen rule the world

Oh God of Light where do men of love abide
The Angel of Death is near and readies to ride
Among the souls of all and bring them down
Perhaps there's time, perhaps there's time
Ere all are possessed by Madness and Madmen

(circa 1966-67)

Come ye one and all and witness that which is writ
Temples tumble and gods descend into boneyards of despair
Give me mine, don't take mine, like children's trumpet blare
I and I, me and me, we and we, like mighty hammers strike the pit
To mend the world and keep it right so it's claimed
Right and left, left and right, be dammed with all your might

Note: Doesn't 2015 replicate 1966-67?

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