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POETRY by Dionisios

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I search and search and in microscopic time
I find born yesterday, alive today, dead tomorrow
That's you 001100001

Gone are the days of name and place in print
I know you now in many ways and in great depth
For you are 001100001


Gaze upon this gentle scene, oh mortal man
Listen to the words and song and play of every man
Reaching across the arches of all the ages and of all time
As the cypress bend and arborvitae sway in endless stream
And as the clouds sweep past the sun and all its rainbows
In quiet contemplation and in bowed head as in a dream
They stand and weep for those they loved and love
And with bleary vision you find those multitude of stones
Those Silent Echoes of the Past


Oh finite sand how you sift the splash of all my salt
And shift your form as I pound your earthly breasts
With the rhythm and sway of two lovers in love's embrace
Aye, what a grand romance it is for you and me
The land beneath sea

At times you wear a dress of your warmth and of my tears
In gentle shades of misty grays which float about
As an eerie life's possessor and calmer of my spirit
I stretch my form in passive moments upon your embrace As your dress settles between you and me

Oh gentle and sinuous lover as days grow short and nights chill down
And as you wear your mantle white which glistens in the dark
I lust for your chilled warmth and in my rage I crest in angry foam
And with all the abrasive spirit of nature's coition
I thrust upon our love, just you and me

At times, and with gentleness of my soul, I caress your heart
And as the moon passes through its exotic romance with time
Like that of woman it beckons forth to love and procreate
And as I rise and fall held in the moon's rapturous embrace
Forever yours, forever mine, it's you and me

They walk across your soul and nestle in your arms
In my fury and thunderous rage I wash away their prints as they appear
They leave us one by one and with each dawn I rejoice
Aye, what a grand romance it is for you and me
The land beneath the sea

(circa 1966-67)

I look back a while when and we all said was pleased to and happy to
And as time went by it was good morning to you, and you and you
With each day dedicated to two plus two are four
Yet as I leave you all, the thought occurs to me
As I'm sure it must to all of you that two plus two are surely four
Life with all its working modes is so much more that two plus two is now most assuredly FIVE

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